Thursday, March 09, 2006

Government investigation into unfair dominance of Olympic champions

Ordinarily I'd post the following in 'Chippy Britain' on, but for some reason the site is being coy with me and I can't access the blighter to edit it. So here goes:

The beastly supermarkets are at it again, driving their competitors out of business. This they must presumably achieve by force. You remember all those armed bands of supermarket workers you've seen ransacking corner shops and burning them down. Oh, come on you remember.

And the good thing is that, as a result, Nanny has decided to have a go herself.

And you know what, she'll definitely be using force - the force of law which, when you strip away all the paperwork, is the State's monopoly on legitimate violence. Nice to see Nanny putting it to such good use.


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