Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A lamentable ignorance of human nature

I did not used to mind registering to vote. Every year I got a form asking me to confirm my details and address. For practical voting purposes that seemed reasonable.
But this year for the first time, Barnet LBC, my local authority, has seen fit to headline the usual form with a veiled threat (see above). Now, I mind very much indeed.
For 20 years I have told anyone unlucky enough to be within earshot that my 'line in the sand' on Big Government, the point at which I was willing to go to prison for disobedience to nanny's petty-tyrannous diktats, was identity cards. It still is. But now I am obliged to add compulsory voting which, bearing in mind the above, is surely now realistically on the cards.
Why can't these bastards leave us alone? The answer, I suppose, is that they do not wish to face the possibility that we can get aling just fine without them.


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