Tuesday, April 04, 2006

All quite true...

... what Daniel Hannan writes in the linked article.

But one more point: consider the bottomless arrogance of someone - and Gordon Brown is the apotheosis of this - prepared to use the force of law, not merely to make you do what they want (in the 'public interest', as they would say) and to pay for it, not merely to make you the milch cow of their existence, but consider the psyche, the intellect, the morals of a man who:

1. passes a law
2. that you will give him money
3. on pain of criminal sanctions
4. for him to live the way he wants, doing the work he wants
5. which work involves making you do more of what he wants
6. and giving more money, so he can tell you how well he has done the job(*)
7. all of which he explains is for your own good
8. because he knows better than you what that constitutes
9. and all this makes him virtuous, because he cares

Could such an individual be anything other than a brute and a thief, a megalomaniacal narcissist and Napoleonic self-inflater, a buffoon and a bully? Could such an individual be anything other than half mad with evil?

(*) Do you get to publicise how well you have done your job? Do you get to do it at someone else's expense?


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