Friday, March 24, 2006

Frank Ellis

I don't know what is more dispiriting. Is it the attitude of the witchfinders at Leeds University who find this man's attitudes uncongenial? Is it the fact that they don't even have the courage to fire him outright, but instead erect a disgusting court of conscience to try him for his views. His views, for God's sake. Or is it the fact that this is all so tediously predictable? (see the very first post on this site).

Oh, and one other thing: look at the Guardian's link, above ... guardian etc./race/story.

So it's a story about race, d'y'see? Not free speech. Or freedom generally. Or baying mobs, or thought police.

Of the quotes attributed to Frank Ellis in the Guardian's article, I could see only one which was racist in the true sense of the word, i.e. another race was disparaged by virtue of its racial characteristics.

I don't have firm opinions on the Bell Curve theory but, say for the sake of argument that Ellis is correct. Factually correct. Would it still be racist to say as much?

If so, the triumph of the flat-earthers cannot be far off...


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