Tuesday, March 14, 2006

With Tories like this...

My local Tory-run council uses Tory government legislation to force (and I chose that word carefully, for criminal sanctions are involved) people to recycle. You have to put particular items in separate bins which are picked up on different days.

Being one of those individualists so hated by the collective, I detest being told what to do (sorry, I mean to say: as an individualist I don't give a toss for anyone else and enjoy micturating over my fellow man), so here's my little rebellion: occasionally, when at a loose end, I wrap bottles up in newspaper, well-insulated as it were, and drop them in the regular refuse bin so that they can't be heard by dustmen smashing when they - the bottles, not the men - drop into the dumper truck.

I like to think that of such tiny acts of rebellion, I get one over on the state and its servants. It's a snowball rolling down a drift-covered slope.

Alternatively, a pathos-ridden act of non-dangerous defiance with worrying implications for my sanity.


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