Thursday, April 13, 2006

More on the Mark Steyn Iran article

For them as doesn't 'ave the time, I can't resist posting the following from Steyn's latest magnificent octopus:

"If Belgium becomes a nuclear power, the Dutch have no reason to believe it would be a factor in, say, negotiations over a joint highway project. But Iran’s nukes will be a factor in everything. If you think, for example, the European Union and others have been fairly craven over those Danish cartoons, imagine what they’d be like if a nuclear Tehran had demanded a formal apology, a suitable punishment for the newspaper, and blasphemy laws specifically outlawing representations of the Prophet. Iran with nukes will be a suicide bomber with a radioactive waist."

As usual, Steyn nails his subject with a combination of the cudgel and the scalpel. Click on the link below.


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