Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The not so, er, independent

Here’s a funny thing. About a week ago The Independent ran a front page splash about how British business was arguing for more mass immigration

At the time it struck me as odd that the Indie should be concerning itself with the interests of business. But there you go.

Anyway, today’s Telegraph contains a story – which is not on the front page – about how the head of the CBI wants a pause for thought before any more mass immigration is allowed.

Naturally I was keen to see what the Indie’s take on this would be, since it is so keen on news about immigration and what also on what business wants. Strange to report, however, that this fine example of Telling It Like It Is to the lefties who already agree with it has buried the news at the bottom of a story on page blah blah about how this same CBI chief, in the same speech, was actually focusing on lack of trust in business leaders.

Now course the Indie is entitled to its views and I would expect nothing less of this Thunderer of the Left than that it should swing its muscle behind immigration, regardless of whose interests are adduced in support. Mass immigration is an article of leftie faith.

But isn’t it time to rethink the newspaper’s title? I mean come on, can we please stop pretending this is some kind of ‘centre ground’?


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