Thursday, August 17, 2006

A bad day for British insults

There's Prescott, and he's been reported as saying that Dubya's crap. Actually, let me put that another way: The Independent - and I realise this 'newspaper' long ago gave up any pretence at being other than a flaky agit-prop rag - but the Indie reports in its front page headline that such is the case: Dubya's crap, says Prezza; closer inspection of the report in question ...

(am I the only person with a blog who hasn't mastered links?)

...reveals that in fact "Mr Prescott had definitely used the word "crap" about the Bush administration." So not Dubya in person? Then why the headline? I understand the point about a presidential system, of course, but there are limits to the one-man-to-blame-for-everything school of thought. Can one therefore call into question the bona fides of the Indie as a reporter of record, or is its purse-lipped puritanism so refined as automatically to rebut such suggestions?

Who cares. That is not the reason for my scribbling here today. No. I am concerned about the current state of the well-turned British insult. Piers Morgan recently gave out a fine example when he referred thus to Dolly Draper's marriage to Kate Garraway: 'if I had known the bar was being set so low, I would have had a go myself'.

Superb! Rude, off-hand, callous. All that's best in Britain today. And then we get the oaf Prescott bleating on about how Dubya's crap and 'just a cowboy with his stetson on'. Playground stuff, Yah boo.

I am embarrassed for Britain. We can do better than this if we put our hearts into it. Also, perhaps if there's a grant or some benefits going begging, I could turn me own occipit to it. But until that publicly-funded, er, research comes my way, I fear we are losing ground to those Arab diplomats who refer to each other at regional conferences as 'dogs' and 'weasels'.

Unite, my countrymen: we are nothing if we are not utterly obnoxious and able wholeheartedly to despise Johnny Foreigner. Let us put our backs into it.


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