Saturday, July 01, 2006

YOUR superliminal propaganda

London's billboards are currently plastered, above and below ground, with enormous posters proclaiming in sinister 1930s totalitarian lettering: YOUR Transport for London.

Transport for London is part of the mayoralty and assembly of London. At the bottom of each poster, sans real signatures, the mayor and TfL have both signed off. I am not sure why since they are not sponsoring these posters. We are.

I have long been baffled by the psychology of individuals who see nothing wrong with forcing others to pay for their own self-promotion - as well as by the indifference of the public to this. And it did occur to me to email TfL to ask if I could sell my share ... but I didn't think they'd see my point. Or if they did, they wouldn't bother to answer.

So much for it being my Transport for London.

I wonder, even euphemistically, then, in what sense might TfL be said to be mine?


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