Saturday, March 11, 2006

To what...

...shall Britons be slaves?

Well, among other things, the economically-insulated hand-wringing political orthodoxies of the metropolitan elite.

Take, for instance, the following:

"...the Law Commission in their (sic) latest Consultation Paper No. 177 propose first degree and second-degree murder not manslaughter. Questions remain: should provocation partially excuse an intent to kill, or only an intent to do serious harm, for example? The question would not arise if the Government could recognise that abolishing the mandatory life sentence for murder need not be perceived as going 'soft on crime'...." [my italics]

So exactly how might it be perceived, this abolition of the mandatory life sentence for murder? In what alternate universe is softness tough?

The above extract was printed in a publication called Archbold News, which is a regular updater for criminal lawyers. Archbold itself, the parent volume, is published yearly.

Believe it or not, Archbold is generally reckoned to be a Prosecution-oriented publication. Further comment is superfluous. You either get it, or you don't.


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