Friday, May 05, 2006

Oh, dear. More Tory tripe

The Tories have been getting extremely hot under the collar about these foreign criminals who aren't deported. Not for the first time, the bizarre thing about their reaction is that it should take headlines of the sort which have emerged over the past couple of weeks to prompt any kind of Tory call for action.

I mean, if it isn't obvious to the Tories that foreign criminals should be deported as a matter of course, then what is the point of them? This kind of thing should be meat and drink to Tories.

At Samizdata the other day

Guy Herbert accused me of xenophobia for pointing out that there is in the abstract something distinctly odd about a nation - us - which scarcely notices that of almost 70,000 people in our gaols, at least a thousand are foreigners.

Heigh-ho. On BBC news the night before last, it was revealed that there are in fact about 10,000 foreigners in our gaols.


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