Friday, May 05, 2006

Sod 'em

Voters in Barking are apprently incensed that the government has 'done nothing for them', by contrast with the freebies doled out to indigent foreigners - hence the turn-out for the BNP at yesterday's local elections.

I can certainly understand irritation at foreigners being sluiced with beanos at my expense. If foreigners want beanos, they can pay for 'em themselves.

But Barkingers? Sod 'em. Anybody who goes through life expecting government to do things for them, much less attempting to trade their vote for such a bribe, deserves all the misery they can find.

Put it this way: from my point of view as a stranger to the welfare state rampant which constitutes much of Barking, the government does nothing for me while delving into the pork barrel on behalf of Barkingers. The argument cuts both ways, plebs.


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