Monday, March 19, 2007

Disintermediating democracy

Does this show that people have lost faith in democracy? asked Ed Stourton of John Simpson on this morning's Today programme.

They were talking about this:

So. Bearing in mind that nothing has actually happened but that this 'survey' is the top news story on the BBC website this morning, we have two journalists talking to each other, exchanging their opinions on air about a flagrant piece of news-generation (the 'survey') and fretting about loss of faith in democracy????

How do they keep straight faces?

The entire purpose of this 'survey' as a news item, giving the likes of Simpson the chance to pontificate thereon (at our expense), is to disintermediate democracy: to undermine and bypass the importance of representative institutions and to superimpose on the deliberations of elected representatives the narrative of these self-appointed People's Tribunes. And then they have the temerity to worry about whether people are losing faith in democracy.

Gawd bless the toffs for worrying on our behalf.

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